Friday, 27 February 2015

5 principles you MUST/SHOULD follow at work/school

1. DO NOT show your temper...especially to your teacher/boss (unless you are buddy with them...but still....don't. Not advisable)

2. Even if you are angry, ALWAYS do a good job (so that the people who are waiting to see you fail won't ever get a chance)

3. DO accept constructive criticisms. (They always got things to say but if what they say are rubbish or doesn't add value to you, ignore them)

4. Be as straight as an arrow. (Playing office politics or being teacher's  pet has their advantages but they don't make you a better worker. Let the work speak for you not your mouth)

5. Shut up and listen and say "yes" regardless (when people say anything. Good or bad. Just listen. If they always have things to say but if you give any comments, they could say you are being a smart Alec or they would say you are rude. So best solution, keep quiet)

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