Sunday, 15 February 2015

Top grumbles when going from the UK to SG

So...For the fellow returning students, I feel your pain....

1. Why do people walk so slow??
Sg: Group of friends of more than 2 walking in a straight row and blocking all paths...arghh move it and move aside!!

2. why are groceries so expensive??
(If you eat out in the UK, this is not applicable to you)
(myth : uk is expensive!! Well it is true if you eat out but it isn't true if you can cook)

3. Why are places in Singapore so far away and inaccessible??
UK: there are buses that follows the timetables. alternatively, you can walk. Weather is great for walking!!
Sg: Yes singapore has buses too, just that they don't  follow the timetable

4. Why is the weather so crappy??
UK: has 4 seasons which is great!!! You can take all your winter wear and go there and have fashion show!! All the high boots, scarves, beanies, hoodies, etc!!)
Sg: hot or wet

5. why are people so rude?
Sg: Try ACCIDENTALLY walking into a person. Or ACCIDENTALLY allowing someone to walk into you. And be ready to get a stare...even if it is not your fault or even if you apologise after that, you will still get a stare

6. Why are people so inconsiderate?
Sg: A row of 6 doors into a building, people rush and queue to get through 1 of the doors which is already open..
UK: you open a door and you will hold onto it for the next person and they will thank you. (Do that in Singapore and they will just walk through)

7. Sports in Singapore are so expensive and far away? (Disregarding futsal, basketball and badminton, the exotic sports like archery, rowing, sailing, etc are so far and they are expensive!!!)

8. Why are clothes so expensive in Singapore??
Sg: Singapore might have sales. Ya they probably up the price then give u a discount..which is still expensive! And they use catch phrase like "FROM 20%"...yup. not very helpful. Tsk
(price of cheap clothes in Singapore SGD 20. Price of cheap clothes in UK  GBP 5)

9. Why are transportation so expensive??
What you pay for a car in the UK is probably not even enough to pay for the COE in Singapore.  Which is essentially just a piece of paper allowing you to buy a car in the first place...

10. Why are local treated not as good as foreigners?
Sg: We have an interesting phenomenon where the companies and government treats foreigners better than their own local people. Whilst locals are treated like 2nd class citizens.
UK: It's usual to treat the foreigners like 2nd class citizens which is what a country would rightfully do, to protect their local people, for jobs and housing.

Well we all have a lot of complains but we can only make do with what we have.

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