Tuesday, 10 February 2015

Unusual female traits

Well there are minorities who differs from the modern day norm...and this is how you identify them :

No geisha makeup
No mop on head (either exceptionally straight or properly curled)
No shoes that help train calf muscles (no idea whether guys like girls with thick calf muscles..but the shoes help to grow that)
No handbags that trains one arm bicep (note. It's only one arm...unless the arms are trained equally)
No exceptionally big eyes (either naturally born with them or drawn to look almost panda like)
No corsets that prevent breathing
No clothes that makes one feed on air to get by the day
No rabbit food
No expensive-flowers-that-only-last-a-few-days-but-cost-at-least-1-month-of-economy-rice-lunch in hands (don't appreciate them or  are being practical. Money can be spend on other stuff)
No colour nails (with bling and add on which make them just sit there after a meal. Because they can't wash dishes)
No one-or-two-months-worth bags that are a weapon of choice when going into a crowded area (use bag or trained arm to hit people..and stare when other look at you for hitting them)

As much as they might not be the modern day norm, they could be mini rich woman because of the money they saved on these stuff. Of course they might not be the prettiest to show your friends and family but they could be the prettiest on the inside..

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