Saturday, 14 February 2015

Top 10 thoughts about Valentine's Day

So today is the "dreaded" day for singles...Their thoughts as the day is near:

1. I should go to a bar/club to pick up a guy/girl

2. Curse you happily attached people.............

3. Let's do a big makeover..maybe my chance of having a girlfriend or boyfriend would increase...wait, let me check if my salary/pocket money is in yet (remember to do #1 after this)

4. Noooooo!!!!!I'm gonna be single my whole lifeeeeeeee .....let me buy a house, prewarn my parents, save loads of money and prepare myself for being left on the shelf

5. Oh well, my time will come next year...try again next year..

6. I'm happy being need to spend money, no one to nag at me, don't need to dress up...

7. I should stay home today, the restaurants are gonna be super expensive...

8. Guys/girls? Who needs them? I just need my movies and chocolates and a bottle of wine

9. I wonder how these people find their partners.... would they tell me if I asked them?

10. Why is there even a valentine's day??? Make it go away!!! I'm gonna sleep through it...

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