Wednesday, 11 February 2015

My mid week

Well to summarise my mid week.

Went in.
Drank caffeine to keep the eye lids from shutting.
Called in to dragon's den
Survived that
Come out and deal with the real dragon
Who was bearing it teeth to a headless chicken
Do more endless aimless running
Food. Finally
Chomp chomp chomp
Watch shows till eyes pop out
Murdered some electronic paper
Decided to turn to my long term dream of being a barista.
Then decided I suck at it and it takes too long
Back to reality.
Move on to killing trees instead
And drinking squid ink as well
The machine decided to act up and throw a tantrum
Keep getting constipation
Decided to get the doctor to fix it
Means I had to attack the other machine 
Finger cross it doesn't have constipation
Cooked lobster
Awkward situation.
Stuff my mouth like a chipmunk
Time to be a superhero
In my other world.

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