Friday, 3 April 2015


As with all travels. You plan and plan and when you get there, all plans are thrown out of the window!

Well, for my trip, we threw some plans out but kept majority of it... (shows how good my plan is for us to stick to it:))

Day 1:
Reached bangkok, first thing all modern days people do, buy Sim card (we all can't live with our phone haha)
Then saw the messy queue for the taxi and just join in, then my friend went to see how does the queue work, then we somehow jumped queue (ignore the possible stares and all and just pretend we are right)

Go hotel, throw everything there, take some $$ and out we go!! Walk from one end to the other end of siam square "pasar malam" and we just research on how much things roughly cost....

Day 2:
Shopping day!!! Don't we all girls love it?

Went to pratunum (don't think we actually got the right place but oh well..........) and platinum mall...
(Well nothing much to say besides we have put our pitiful look, fierce look and strong front up and managed to cut some money off the price)

Went to Big C (supermarket), found the luk chap that diana was eyeing for it and she spotted it from far and beeline to it..haha

Go back our tired feet then go to Terminal 21. It's an expensive shopping mall for our taste but the concept is interesting.  We only go there for taking photos and eating our dinner there

Day 3:

It's a maze but nothing interesting that we haven't seen, besides........


It's something that not only taste great but it's perfect for a hot weather...

Hotel again (we are quite a slacker haha) then massage at tak massage (popular place!! It's packed from ground floor all the way to third floor!! The cracked all the bones and pressed all the "knots" on your shoulder which is what office workers need!)

Dinner at inter restaurant was great. Prices reasonable and it's better than the food we ate at terminal 21 (food court). Walked round siam square and surprisingly, we managed to find more stomach space for mango smoothie from mango tango!!

Day 4:
We realised that on Sundays,  shops don't open that early. After all the search for daiso the whole night on day 3, whilst walking we just found out it's like right in front of us!! (*face palm*) isn't exactly the same as SGD 2 daiso in Singapore.. It isn't fixed price across the shop and selection wasn't great

Before going back hotel, we managed to try after you french toast!! It was great (a bit too buttery for my taste...) after ordering, we were regretting that we should try other flavours and get mini ones so we can try 2 flavours. ..(oh well...lesson learnt)

It was a great first and last (not exactly) trip for diana and I. We didn't kill each other at the end of the trip nor in the middle of the trip :)) I guess our chin chai character is good for traveling...

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