Wednesday, 15 April 2015

Crappy boss #2

A: Got downgraded to sofa...

A: Next move would be to Chinatown bridge

B: u move to Chinatown bridge, I move to London Bridge

A: u sure u want to move to London Bridge?  I been telling my baby that it's falling down

B: then move to tower bridge lor

A: anyone want to volunteer to go Woodbridge ?

C: no thanks. U can go la

A: I know my name got 2 wood la...

B: u go la, then we will visit u

A: can visit..just don't bring beer. Can bring ice cream chocolate 7-up  and canned fruits

C: I bring u chestnut, dragon fruits and mango

A: then don't come

C: I bring u seohyun poster too la

C: and also the care bears from ur table

B: his table got care bear meh?

A: told u yesterday can claim for glasses leh

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